Precision Positioners & Motion Controllers, Vacuum Stages


PI miCos desings and manufactures precision positioning equipment for research and industry. Our standard products span from compact linear translation stages to air bearing rotation stages and complex 6-DOF parallel kinematic systems (hexapods).

Custom products range from multi-axis vacuum positioners for beam lines to turn-key automation systems for fiber-alignment, semiconductor and photonics production.


Precision Linear and Rotary Positioners

  • Linear, rotary and gonio stages
  • 6-Degree of Freedom Kinematics
  • Load: Grams to several hundred kg
  • Speed: μm/sec to > 1000 mm/sec
  • Max. Resolution: < 1 nm


Motion Controllers

  • Controllers for
    • Stepper,Brush and Brushless-DC
    • Linear Motor and Piezo
  • RS-232, USB, Ethernet and GPIB Interface
  • Closed loop encoder feedback
    • Digital or analog input
  • PC card or stand alone form factor

Vacuum and Cryogenic Environments

  • Vacuum
  • Cryogenic
  • Non-magnetic
  • Clean Room
  • Radiation Resistant