Precision Positioning Systems


PI miCos develops and manufacturs world-class precision positioning equipment for industry, OEM and research. Our products are used in many fields from optics / photonics / lasers, to beamline instrumentation and astronomy. Motorized linear translation stages come with a variety of motor drives, position feedback systems and controllers. Rotation stages are available with compact stepper motors and high-precision torque motors and air bearings for the highest precision requirements. Nanopositiong stages with piezo drives are also available as are a variety of hexapods and other parallel-kinematic positioners for 6-degree-of-freedom positioning and alignment applications. Most positioning stages are also available for high-vacuum and UHV environments.

  • Linear Positioning Stages
  • Rotary Positioning Stages
  • Miniature Piezo Positioners
  • 6-Axis Parallel Positioning Systems
  • Manual Motion

Motorized Linear Translation Stages

  • Linear motor or screw driven stages
  • Load: Grams to several hundred kg
  • Speed: μm/sec to > 1000 mm/sec
  • Max. Resolution: < 1 nm


Motorized Precision Rotary Stages

  • Rotary and gonio stages
  • Load: Grams to several hundred kg
  • Speed: mdeg/sec to > 1000 deg/sec
  • Max. Resolution: < 0.001 mdeg


Miniature Piezo Positioners / Nano Positioning

  • Compact Piezo-Motor Stages: Linear and rotary nano-positioning
  • Load: Grams to several kg
  • Speed: μm/sec to several mm/sec
  • Max. Resolution: < 1 nm



Hexapod Systems 6-Axis Parallel Motion

  • Hexapod and SpaceFab architecture
  • Load: Grams to several hundred kg
  • Turn key solution
    • Mechanics
    • Electronics
    • Software with kinematic equations



Manual Stages

  • Linear and rotary stages
  • Load: Grams to several kg
  • Max. Resolution: < 1 um