Hexapod HP-430 Parallel Kinematics Positioning System, 6 Axes

Key features
  • Six axes Parallel Robot Operating System
  • Travel ranges linear 50x50x30 mm
  • Travel ranges rotation Rx, Ry 20°, Rz 40°
  • Maximum speed 30 mm/sec (legspeed)
  • Repeatability inspace ±5 µm
  • High stiffness
  • High dynamic


  • This hexapod system is a precision 6 axis parallel kinematics positioner providing high stiffness and positioning accuracy in all degrees of freedom. It features linear positioning ranges of 50x50x30 mm and rotation of Rx, Rz 20░, Ry 40░ The pivot point is defined by software and can be changed by the user any time. The hexapod system comes with software and a Delta-Tau controller featuring advanced algorithms for inverse kinematic transformation. Typical Hexapod applications include statellite antenna testing, medical research, optical systems and beam-line / synchrotron research. The mechanical design ensures maximum system stiffness and spatial resolutions up to 0.5 Ám. Vacuum hexapod systems are also available.