Goniometer WT-120

Key features
  • Travel: 90°
  • Max. Load: 20 kg
  • Max. Speed: 30°/sec
  • Max. Resolution: 0.00008696°
  • Repeatability:  0.001° uni-directional
                              +/- 0.001° bi-directional
  • Angular Encoder: Optional


  • Technical Description below
The WT-120 motorized goniometer is a precision anglar positioner that allow the accurate rotation of a work piece around a fixed pivot axis above the surface of the moving platform. The term goniometer is derived from the Greek gonia (angle) and metron (measure). WT-120 goniomter cradles are equipped with a worm drive and a partial worm wheel. The stages are directly driven by closed-loop DC servo or 2-phase stepper motors and achieve angular speed to 30 degrees/second. WT-120 stages comw with two limit switches and can be ordered with an optical angular scale system for precision position feedback. If motion around an arbitrary, programmable center of rotation is required, multi-axis systems such as parallel-kinmeatic hexapods and SpaceFABs are available.