Miniature Precision Rotation Stage, Motorized Mini Rotary Table RS-40

Key features
  • Travel: 360°, Endless
  • Max. Load: 2 kg
  • Max. Speed: 7°/sec
  • Max. Resolution: 0.005°
  • Repeatability:  0.005° uni-directional
                              +/- 0.04° bi-directional
  • Angular Encoder: Not Available
  • Aperature: 20 mm


The RS-40 precision motorized miniature rotation stage (rotary table) provides a very compact footprint, yet offers a large aperture of 20 mm. Precision bearings guarantee very smooth motion. RS-40 rotary stages have preloaded worm gears for no backlash. All RS-40 motorized rotation stages are equipped with a hall reference switch and are offered with closed-loop servo motors or stepper motors

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