Precision Motorized Goniometer WT-100

Key features
  • Travel: 10°
  • Max. Load: 2 kg
  • Max. Speed: 15 °/sec
  • Max. Resolution: 0.0000872°
  • Repeatability:  0.0005°uni-directional
                              +/- 0.0005° bi-directional
  • Angular Encoder: Optional
  • Aperature: 60 x 25 mm


  • Technical Description below
The WT-100 goniometric cradle provides a large aperture. These motorized goniometers are precision anglar positioners that allow the precise rotation of a work piece around a fixed pivot axis above the surface of the moving platform. They are equipped with a worm drive and a partial worm wheel. The term goniometer is derived from the Greek gonia (angle) and metron (measure).

If motion around a random, user programmable pivot point is required, multi-axis systems such as parallel-kinmeatic hexapods are available.