Piezo Tip/Tilt Positioner, 2-Axis Rotation

Key features
  • Travel:  2 Axis Rotation, 60 mrad max
  • Common Pivot Point
  • Very Fast Response (milliseconds), to 3000 Hz Resonant Frequency
  • Max. Resolution: 0.5 Árad
  • Repeatability:  to 2 Árad
  • Angular Encoder: Optional


This piezo stage is designed to rotate optics and mirrors around 2 axes with a common, fixed pivot point. Its compact design, stiiff piezo drives and frictionless flexure guiding system allow for very high resolution and speed. Integrated position sensors provide feedback for closed-loop operation. Vacuum compatible piezo tip-tilt stages are available on request. More information on piezo rotators and tip/tilt positioners.

Travel Dependent Specifications
Travel Range (Degrees) To 60 mrrad, 2 axes
Travel Range (Degrees) 3
Linearity 0.05%
Repeatability 2/5 Árad
Closed-loop resolution 1 Árad (0.2 open loop)
Weight (kg) 0.065