Piezo Positioner LPS-45

Key features


This compact low profile linear piezo positioner is also available as an X-Y combination. Closed loop and open loop versions are offered. The optional linear encoder provides nanometer repeatability. Vacuum compatible and non magnetic versions are feasible. The large platform and the cross roller bearings provide excellent guiding precision and smooth, highly accurate motion in the nanometer range with travel ranges of 1/2 inch and 1 inch. LPS-45 stages can be controlled with the E-870 open loop drive and the E-871 closed loop piezo motor controller. The stage achieves high speed to 10 mm/sec.

The LPS-45 has been replaced by the Q-545 Stage. Find Details and Ordering Information Here

Travel Dependent Specifications
Travel Range (mm) 13 /26
Weight (kg) 0.13 /0.14
Motor/Feedback Dependent Specifcations
Speed Max (mm/sec) 10
Resolution Typical (µm) 0.001 (O/L), 0.006 (C/L)
Bi-directional Repeatability (µm) � 0.018 (C/L)
Uni-directional Repeatability (µm) 0.018
Fx 10N
Fy 8N
Fz 10N
Mx 1.0 Nm
My 0.8 Nm
Mz 1.0 Nm
Motor Type Stick Slip Piezo