Piezo Positioner LPS-23

Key features
  • Travel: 13 and 26 mm
  • Max. Load: 0.2 kg
  • Blocking Force: 2 N
  • Max. Speed: 10 mm/sec
  • Max. Resolution: < 1 nm
  • Repeatability:  to 20 nm                      
  • Why All Piezo Motors are NOT Created Equal


This Low profile piezo positioner was recently improved and is now available as the Q-522 linear piezo stage. It is a low cost, compact linear stage and is available in closed loop and open loop. The optional linear encoder provides nanometer repeatability. It is based on a compact piezo stick slip motor and a precision machined steel slide, which allows for very smooth motion and travel ranges of 1/2 inch and 1 inch. Vacuum compatible and non magnetic versions are available on request. .

The LPS-23 Piezo Positioner has been replaced by the new Q-521 and Q-522 stages. Find Details and Ordering Information here:

Travel Dependent Specifications
Travel Range (mm) 13 /26
Weight (kg) 0.08 /0.11
Motor/Feedback Dependent Specifcations
Speed Max (mm/sec) 10
Resolution Typical (µm) 0.001 (O/L), 0.01 (C/L)
Bi-directional Repeatability (µm) � 0.02 (C/L)
Uni-directional Repeatability (µm) 0.02
Fx 2
Fy 2
Fz 2
Mx 0.2
My 0.4
Mz 0.2
Motor Type Stick Slip Piezo