Ultra Precision Linear Stage UPM-160

Key features
  • Travel: 205 mm
  • Max. Load: 15 kg
  • Max. Speed: 100 mm/sec
  • Max. Resolution: 0.001 μm
  • Repeatability: 0.035 μm uni-directional
                         +/- 0.035 μm bi-directional
  • Linear Encoder: Optional


This motorized ultra precision linear positioning stage was designed for optical inspection, alignment and semiconductor test equipment. UPM-160 precision stages are equipped with a center-mounted direct-metrology linear scale encoder for minimum Abbe error. A stress-relieved body made from tempered aluminum-alloy together with high-precision crossed-roller bearings guarantee high stability, load capacity and smooth motion. Both 2-phase stepper motor and a DC-servo motors are available, all stages are equipped with two mechanical limit switches. All UPM-160 ultra precision linear translation stages are supplied with a certificate of performance (flatness, straightness & accuracy).